Private Screening



Host your own private movie screening for up to 20 people! 


Fox Theatres Private Screening
Theater Rental Only $99 - $149*

Mon-Thu: $99

Fri-Sun: $149

A Fox Theatres Private Screening is a fun and safe way to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries or date nights, or to reconnect with family and friends with plenty of space for physical distancing. Watch one of our current movies in your own auditorium*. Bring your laptop or a DVD to enjoy your favorite movie or TV show. Heat up the competition with offline gaming. 

For a limited time only for screenings held in October, your theater rental fee will be applied as a concessions credit - that’s $99 in concessions on weekdays, $149 in concessions on the weekends!

Terms and Conditions: Maximum capacity is 20 guests. For private use only. Tickets cannot be resold. Reservations for Monday through Thursday are $99. Reservations for Friday through Sunday are $149. Fee is for auditorium rental and includes concessions credit for screenings held in the month of October only. Concessions credit does not apply to alcohol purchases. No money back if the total credit is not spent at the time of the screening. Rental fee must be paid online in advance, and cancellations must be made at least 72 hours before scheduled screening.

*Watching a movie currently playing at the theater also requires the purchase of one movie ticket per person.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to rent a private auditorium?

Our pricing is: $99 rental fee for Monday through Thursday and $149 for Friday through Sunday. This fee covers the rental of the private auditorium and a credit for a concessions purchase up to the amount of the rental (valid for screenings held through October 31, 2020). All concessions purchases must be placed in the first 30 minutes of the screening. Concessions credit does not apply to alcohol purchases. No money back if the total credit is not spent at the time of the screening.

How do I book a Fox Theatres Private Screening?

Book a Fox Theatres Private Screening by clicking here or on the BOOK NOW button above. Choose a date from the dropdown menu and look for the Private Screening listing. The rental fee for these screenings is paid online at the time of booking. After you pay, complete your reservation by clicking on the red “Private Screenings Only” button on the ticket confirmation page to answer detailed questions about your event.       

How many guests can I bring to a Fox Theatres Private Screening?

The maximum number of guests allowed for this promotion is 20 people.

How large is the auditorium for private screenings?

Auditorium size varies. A 20 person maximum guest count will be in compliance with local and state capacity mandates.

Can I bring a cake or any other snacks to my private screening?

Normally, outside food and beverage is not allowed at the theater; however, for this promotion, we are allowing guests to bring in a birthday cake (only) for their event.

Can I bring in any decorations for my auditorium?

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, no decorations other than a tablecloth will be allowed.

How long is a Fox Theatres Private Screening event?

Auditoriums are rented for three hours, and your film/game should run no longer than 2h 45m to allow entry and exit time. The Private Screening host should arrive 15 minutes prior to scheduled time to set up and test screening content.                       

What can I watch at a Fox Theatres Private Screening?

Currently, you can bring a standard or Blu-Ray DVD, or you can bring your laptop with a downloaded film/show or your offline gaming console and hook it up to our HDMI cable. You can also watch one of the films currently playing at the theater – in this case, each guest will also be charged for a ticket at the time of the screening. Please note that content that is illicit or obscene in nature or violates federal piracy laws is not permitted. Fox Theatres is not responsible for personal content that will not play on our equipment.

Can I access my streaming apps or play online gaming?

No, but it’s coming soon to Fox Berkshire! We’ll post on our website as soon as internet access is available.

I want to watch a film currently playing at the theater. How do I buy tickets or select the movie?

Purchase your private screening slot online, and click on the red “Private Screenings Only” button on the confirmation page after your payment is complete.  Fill out the entire form including the name of the film you want to see. Pay for your tickets (max 20) in one single purchase at the theater when you arrive for your screening.

How will I know what is playing at the theater on the day of my event?

Our movie selection changes weekly. Check our website on the Tuesday prior to your screening to see what movies are playing that week.

What precautions are you taking to ensure our safety while we are at the theater?

We clean and sanitize auditoriums after each screening, including high touch areas such as seats, armrests, and tray tables, and we frequently clean the entire theater. Employees are required to wear face masks and are screened before each shift. For more information on our Cinema Safe protocols click here.

Do I need to wear a face mask for my Fox Theatres Private Screening?

Masks need to be worn when entering the theater and when moving about any of the common areas including hallways, lobby and restrooms. Face masks should also be worn inside the auditorium except when you are eating or drinking.

After receiving my confirmation, what do I do when I arrive at the theater?

Upon arrival, please check in at the box office. Show us your printed confirmation or the information on your mobile device and we will escort you to your auditorium and assist you with your content.

I need to cancel my Fox Theatres Private Screening and am still within the 72 hour time limit.

If your screening is a minimum of 72 hours away, you can cancel by calling the theater:

Fox Berkshire:  (610) 374-1279
Fox Gold Coast:  (410) 520-0040

What if I want to change the date or time of my screening?

Please call us at the theater (phone numbers below). We will do everything possible to accommodate your request, based on availability. All change requests must be made a minimum of 72 hours before the screening.

Fox Berkshire:  (610) 374-1279
Fox Gold Coast:  (410) 520-0040